Why you Should Eat Protein at Breakfast

why you should eat protein at breakfast

Ready to make 1 change? Add protein to your breakfast!

If I could only give you one piece of nutritional advice to implement today which will radically improve your health, it would be… eat protein at breakfast.

It seems simple doesn’t it? But so many people aren’t doing it. 

Protein keeps us satiated for longer, it balances our blood sugar, it promotes stable energy throughout the day + optimal sleep that night. Sounds pretty great right? It’s as easy as adding a palm-sized portion of protein to your breakfast. 

Flip your idea of breakfast on its head. Ditch your carb based breakfast – porridge with oat milk + banana I’m looking at you, as well as toast + jam, shop bought cereals etc. It’s not difficult, here’s some great options for a protein-based breakfast:

  • Eggs any way with veg + rye/sourdough/wholemeal bread

  • Banana pancake (2 eggs + 1 banana fried)

  • Chia pudding

  • Full fat greek yoghurt with collagen nuts, seeds, fruit + a little low sugar granola

  • Veg based smoothie with collagen/protein powder

  • Tofu scramble

  • Good quality sausages/bacon + veg

 You see, there’s something for everyone no matter your preference. I didn’t start with eggs + veg by accident. It truly does give you the biggest bang for your breakfast buck but if that’s not your thing, there are lots of other options. 

Try it, see how you feel. I promise it will be worth it.

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