Thrive Course


Tired of just surviving? Let me show you how to thrive.
Are you tired of low energy, cravings, poor sleep, brain fog or mood swings?
Do you ever feel like you’re sleep-walking through your life?
When is the last time you felt full of vitality?
Take a moment to imagine how it would feel to be truly alive and vibrant every day.

Thrive is for you, my friend!

Thrive is a compilation of hundreds of hours of clinical practice and hundreds of hours of research, simplified into digestible and easy to implement nuggets of information.
You will learn how to:
– Balance your blood sugar for optimal mood, energy and sleep
– Nourish your body with wholefoods, easily
– Build a balanced plate to prevent cravings
– Regulate your nervous system and how this impacts your interaction with food and the world
– Optimise your sleep, movement and connection with others to enable you to thrive
– Be a joy seeker in your everyday life Included:
– 5 online, live sessions via zoom
– Simple and manageable tools to optimise your nutrition
– Debunking of common nutritional myths
– Tried and tested, fuss-free, recipes
– Pillars of health wheel tracker
– Joy guide

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Dates: 2023 dates TBC

Takes place every week, total of 5 sessions


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